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Přetlakový ventilátor model PAPIN 508 S-LINE (PPV 56/ KG200)

The PAPIN 508 (PVP 56 / KG 200) petrol engine version is a compact, portable, easy-to-use device designed to vaporize the space in the positive pressure-positive ventilation (PPV). Description and use: • The modern S-LINE version of the carrier frame is provided with two clamping segments for the hinged frame and two transport wheels. • The engine is attached to the tilting frame. • The impeller propeller (propeller) and impeller plastic guard with front and rear protection grille are mounted directly on the extended motor shaft. • The articulation of the main and folding frame is equipped with a locking lever that allows easy adjustment of the fan to the operating position (+ 28 ° to -12 °). • To facilitate the tilting of the fan to the operating position, the fan is provided with a plastic handgrip in the upper part of the shroud. • The fan is equipped with a retractable positioning handle for easier transport to the point of intervention. • The fan is designed for UHAMO 508® and MUHAMO 508® universal fire modules. Technical parameters: • Drive unit 4-stroke petrol engine KG 200 • Engine power 4.4 kW / 6.0 HP • 540 rpm max. • Impeller diameter 508 mm • Rated output 12,600 m3 / hour. • Effective power 56,000 m3 / hour. • Dimensions (WxDxH) 610 x 520 x 710 mm • Total weight approx. 38 kg
Přetlakový ventilátor model PAPIN 508 S-LINE (PPV 56/ KG200)
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