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Hasičská rukavice Firemaster Alpha s membránou

When leather is not an option - Firemaster® Alpha. A curved fully fitted finger design made entirely from aramid fibres. Featuring finger, thumb and knuckle articulations to enhance comfort and provide good levels of dexterity. The outer shell is made from an FR silicone coated Kevlar fabric on the palm which is combined with a woven Nomex® fabric on the back of the hand. A lined Nomex® gauntlet cuff ensures a secure fit around the wrist, compatibility with tunic sleeves and prevents the ingress of debris while in use. Felted Kevlar on the back of the hand boosts TPP levels and a seam sealed moisture vapour permeable (MVP) membrane guarantees that the glove is completely waterproof but also breathable. The design has a full Kevlar cut and sew lining offering full hand protection. Machine washable and compliant to EN659:2003.
Hasičská rukavice Firemaster Alpha s membránou
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